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More Than Magic part-3
   Their lips began to touch and a knock came to the door “Let her get some rest so she can heal”
Her mother’s voice came. Eris froze then sighed remembering why she had tried to avoid that
situation in the first place. Darcy smiled shyly “I guess I better let you rest” Eris said. “Sorry
for all of the trouble” she said. Eris shook her head and just dropped back down on the pillow.
Darcy looked down at her for a moment “Then thank you for everything” She said. “You’re welcome”
Eris said.
   A few hours passed and Eris still hadn’t been able to get to sleep. She looked over at Darcy
who was fast asleep. {Knowing hunters like that they will just keep coming until she’s dead or they
are} She thought. She sat up and sighed then slid out of bed. {I guess I better do something about
that} She thought with a stretch. She closed the room quietly and made her way downstairs. She
found her mot
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Hunger 2018 by ReverseImpossible
Mature content
Hunger 2018 :iconreverseimpossible:ReverseImpossible 11 0
Moment by ReverseImpossible Moment :iconreverseimpossible:ReverseImpossible 2 3
More Than Magic -part 2
   It was a few hours later and Eris opened her eyes. Her hand was still pressed to Darcy’s
stomach and she slowly pulled it away to look at her wound. The two knife wounds were gone and Eris
was relieved that her spell had worked.  She looked at her other hand holding Darcy’s then to
Darcy’s face. {She really is cute} Eris thought. Darcy’s eyes blinked open as Eris was looking at
her and jerked away on impulse.
   Her face looked completely flushed and had a surprising look of embarrassment as she pulled the
sheets up to cover herself. “I…we. Um  what did we? Um?” Darcy stuttered. Eris shifted in bed and
Darcy moved awkwardly as she tried to quickly avert her eyes. Eris found it amusing and odd that
she was acting so shy and found an odd desire to tease take hold. “You don’t remember? I thought
you said you liked me” Eris asked.
   “I do…I do but I don’t even know your
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More Than Magic by ReverseImpossible More Than Magic :iconreverseimpossible:ReverseImpossible 7 3 Wound -part 1 of More Than Magic by ReverseImpossible
Mature content
Wound -part 1 of More Than Magic :iconreverseimpossible:ReverseImpossible 6 2
More Than Magic- part 1
    Eris’s eyes opened slowly as her alarm woke her from a deep sleep. She groaned as she fumbled for her alarm clock to turn it off and ended up knocking it over in the process. She leaned off the bed trying to grab it not wanting to get out. She leaned further hanging halfway off the bed when she couldn’t reach it and after a few tries managed to snag her clock and turn off the alarm. She rolled onto her back and held her head. She was pretty with long black hair and dark eyes that tilted slightly upwards at the ends giving her a dangerous looking stare. She had light skin and her young looking face would leave many believing she was at most in her late teens.
    She held the clock up and looked at the time and could see it was ten at night already. She sighed and sat up slowly still in a daze. As she sat there trying to wake up her phone started ringing. She looked at it a few moments still in a slight daze then slowly picked it u
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   Their lips began to touch and a knock came to the door “Let her get some rest so she can heal”

Her mother’s voice came. Eris froze then sighed remembering why she had tried to avoid that

situation in the first place. Darcy smiled shyly “I guess I better let you rest” Eris said. “Sorry

for all of the trouble” she said. Eris shook her head and just dropped back down on the pillow.

Darcy looked down at her for a moment “Then thank you for everything” She said. “You’re welcome”

Eris said.
   A few hours passed and Eris still hadn’t been able to get to sleep. She looked over at Darcy

who was fast asleep. {Knowing hunters like that they will just keep coming until she’s dead or they

are} She thought. She sat up and sighed then slid out of bed. {I guess I better do something about

that} She thought with a stretch. She closed the room quietly and made her way downstairs. She

found her mother in the kitchen and she handed her a cup of coffee as she neared. “Thank you. Just

what I needed” Eris said as she took the cup from her.

   “So Darcy, is she a new girlfriend or a friend hmm?” Her mother asked. Eris took a seat at the

large kitchen table. “She was an interesting acquaintance a day ago. Right now I’m not quite sure

what to call her” Eris said as she turned her cup. “You have that look to you. What crazy ideas do

you have running around in your head?” Her mother asked as she took a seat across from her. Eris

took a drink drawing out the time as she thought about how she wanted to answer.

   “I don’t know what she is to me but I want the time to figure it out. So I’m going to have to

have a chat with some unpleasant people” She said. “Oh? Care to share more?” her mother asked as

she leaned on her hand looking at her. “Those hunters are out for her blood for personal reasons so

this won’t stop until I step on them like bugs or she dies” Eris said. “Oh my, how rare for you to

take interest in someone. What do you have in mind?” Her mother asked.

   Eris shrugged “Well I need to find out who put out the mark on her and trace it back to the

root” She said. Her mother smiled “Good news then, we found out who was sending people earlier

today. Your father was less than happy that someone attacked his little girl so he became rather

persuasive when talking to that guy you sent our way” Her mother said. “Where is he now?” Eris

asked. “We thought this was about you so he is probably getting to the root of the issue now” Her

mother said.

   “He’s always so over protective” Eris said shaking her head. She finished her coffee in a swig

and stood up “I’ll catch up with him. This is my problem to deal with” Eris said. “What should I

tell your friend if she wakes up?” Her mother asked. “Tell her I had an errand to take care of but

it shouldn’t take too long. Oh could you give her a change of clothes I kind of zipped over here

with her naked” She said. “I’ll make sure she has some clothes then” Her mother said. “Thank you”

Eris said and was gone with a flash.
   She reappeared far away inside a large home. She could always sense where her parents were so

it was easy to locate her father however far he might have gone.She looked around and could see

people frozen solid in place {This must be their central meeting place. Leave it to him to go

straight to the heart of things} She thought. She pulled off her bracelet and one of her rings and

the power of her aura made her begin to glow. She sensed that he was upstairs and walked up them.

She saw multiple other people frozen in place on a path to what she guessed was the leader’s

office. When she got to the office her father was there with a menacing look and a man being

suspended in midair being slowly frozen.  

   Her father’s expression changed into his normal pleasant look as he noticed she was there

“Sweetie, what brings you here?” He asked. {Wow I forgot how scary he can look when he’s pissed}

She thought. “My new friend. She was the real target of these nut jobs” Eris said. “I know.

According to him your new friend used to be one of these nut jobs” He said. “Yeah, until she became

a vampire. That kind of changed her perspective on things” Eris said.

   “I would imagine so” He said. “Wait if you knew this was about her, why are you here at all?”

She asked. “No one hurts my little girl. I don’t care who they were gunning for” He said the deadly

glint in his eye returning as he looked as the man suspended in front of him. “Killing him as fun

as it sounds won’t solve the issue I need solved though. I need the hit on her removed” Eris said

looking at the guy. “How does this sound your life for hers?” She asked him. The guy gave her a

hateful look “I don’t make deals with abominations like you” The guy sputtered.

   Eris smirked and patted her father’s shoulder knowing he would probably kill him in reaction to

his rant. “Let me handle this father, I want to have a personal chat with this one” She said. Her

father looked at her for a few moments then dropped the guy. “Don’t take too long or I’ll worry” He

said then was gone. Eris turned her attention back the guy now trying to scramble to his use his

phone. “None of that” She said with a quick motion and it shattered in his hand.

   She made another motion and he was restrained by an invisible force “Listen closely to me

because your life depends on it” She said as she bent down to his level. “I do not fear death” He

yelled. She motioned and his mouth closed painfully “I said listen. That means you need to be quiet

now. I never said I would kill you. That would be far too kind for someone like you. I will however

do one of many fun possibilities. I could give you to some vampires to have as a toy or maybe some

werewolves though I think that would be too short an end for you. I could just rip out your mind

and make you my puppet. Or perhaps I could just frame you as a friend to our kind. Have your own

people relentlessly hunt you down. Have your name go down in shame and heirs bear the burden of it.

How does that sound? That last one sounds particularly good to me” Eris said with a growing smile.

   He gave a disturbed look but didn’t speak “Oh right, you can speak now” She said making a wave

of her hand. “There is no way you can do that” He said but his tone showed he was worried she

could. “Oh but I can. I’ll simply wake these frozen fools up plant in their head that you did some

naughty, naughty things and top it off with throwing some evidence at some random people. Call

things off of her or I’ll make you look like trash in front of all those you wish to impress. I

swear to that” She said her eyes beginning to glow.  

   He swallowed “I’ll call it off” He said. “Swear it as an oath and also swear no other hit will

be taken out on her” She said. “I swear” He said looking very unhappy about it. “Good. Now feel

free to take out a hit on me but if you do that very angry Fae will be back to see you” She said

with a shrug. “You’re a monster” He stammered. “Oh, you have no idea how much of a monster I can

be. Make sure to get it cancelled quick now” She said then disappeared.

   Eris reappeared in the kitchen of her parent’s home and could see her mother and father sitting

there. Her father got up and hugged her “Did everything work out sweetie?” He asked. Eris patted

him trying to escape his bear hug. “Everything should be fine. If it isn’t I’ll have to get a

little more serious” Eris said as she slipped her jewelry back on. “I’m proud of you handling

things so maturely. You’ve really grown up” Her mother said. “Looking in on me were you?” Eris

asked knowing they could peek in on her life remotely any time they wanted. Her parents both

shrugged “You can’t blame us for worrying. You have a worse temper than your father” Her mother


   Eris’s expression saddened for a moment “I do…but it takes a lot for me to get to that point”

She said. “Now don’t start thinking about the past. That was so long ago” Her father said. “You

both still worry I’ll lose it like that again though” Eris said and they were silent. They all

heard a cough and looked to see Darcy uncomfortably standing there. “Good morning” She said shyly.

“Good morning, I’m Eris’s father Edwin and this is her mother Joyce” Her father said with a gallant

smile. “Very good to meet you both, I’m Eris’s… friend Darcy… I’m sorry for all of the trouble I’ve

caused your family” She said.

   Eris walked over to her and took her hand “You don’t have to be so nervous. Come have something

to eat” She said before her parents could respond. “Yes, yes please join us” Edwin said. “Thank you

very much” Darcy said. “Wait, can you eat normal food?” Eris asked as they took a seat. “I can. It

won’t do much for me but I still enjoy normal food” Darcy said with a large smile. Eris looked at

her mother lean into her father and knew from their expressions they liked her.

   {They are getting attached to her already…we haven’t even kissed yet and I can tell they are

already dreaming up future plans for us} Eris thought then looked at Darcy. Her eyes went to her

bright smile as she shyly looked from her parents to her. {I guess I don’t mind} Eris thought. “So

Eris will you be showing up for the holidays this year? Your father has really been looking forward

to your visit” Joyce asked and her father gave an excited look at the prospect.

   Eris caught herself before giving her usual sarcastic response “Maybe…Is Eos coming?” She

asked. “Your sister confirmed she will be coming this year” Joyce said. Eris grumbled “Come on now,

isn’t it about time you two put things behind you?” Joyce asked then looked at Darcy sitting there

“We can talk about it another time” Joyce said. “Why don’t you bring your friend Darcy. I can

guarantee the food will be good” Edwin said. Eris gave Darcy a quick look “I’ll think about it” She said.
   Joyce changed the subject and they chatted pleasantly through breakfast. After breakfast Eris

decided it was time to go back home. She took Darcy’s hand and they both waved to Edwin and Joyce

before they disappeared. They appeared in Eris’s apartment and Darcy looked around at the new

surroundings “That’s really something how you can travel like that” Darcy said. “It’s nothing. This

is my apartment. I didn’t want to chance popping up in the middle of some investigation over at

your place” Eris said.

   Darcy nodded “Right…I still have a lot to take care of over there…before I move” Darcy said her

eyes going to Eris’s hand that was still holding hers. “You don’t have to move” Eris said. “I do.

Those people will just come again and I can’t risk other people getting hurt…especially you” Darcy

said starting to let go of Eris’s hand. Eris gripped her hand keeping it firmly in hers “Your

pursuers have had a change of heart. No one will bother you again” Eris said.

   Darcy’s eyes widened “How? I mean…” Darcy trailed off. Eris shrugged “Magic” She said. “Why

would you go to that much trouble for me? You hardly know me” She asked. Eris moved closer to her

“Maybe I was getting sick of our time being interrupted. How does that sound? It was a completely

selfish reason” Eris asked with a sly smile as she took her other hand in hers.  “It sounds like a

very sweet lie” She said softly.

   Eris moved closer to her and Darcy leaned her head against hers “I already said I like you.

Isn’t that enough of a reason?” Eris asked. Darcy’s eyes showed that she was happy and she nodded

silently. Eris leaned up and was about to kiss her when her phone rang. Darcy smiled “You should

probably get that” She said. Eris pulled out her phone feeling annoyed by their third interruption

“Mother?” She asked. “That tone young lady. Oh did I interrupt something? You sure move fast” Joyce

asked with a slight laugh.

   “Was the call just to interrupt things? Are you two spying again?” Eris asked. “No, no I

promise we aren’t. Just a something I forgot to say. Darcy really needs to drink living blood or it

will affect her health. She has a particularly strong sire so that dead blood may work for a few

more years but it will end up hurting her if she continues” Joyce said.

   Eris looked at Darcy “Alright. Thank you for letting me know and before you ask I haven’t made

up my mind on the holiday’s I’ll let you know” Eris said. “Alright, talk to you later” Joyce said.

Eris hung up and looked at Darcy. “It’s sweet of her to worry but I can’t drink live blood…I don’t

know how things would change if I did” Darcy said. Eris motioned to a couch nearby them and they

both took a seat.

    “Still you need to drink or you will become weaker and weaker” She said. “But…it might become

a craving I can’t ignore…what if I hurt someone?” Darcy asked. Eris thought a moment “If you drink

from me it won’t be a problem” Eris said. Darcy’s eyes widened slightly “I can stop you if you lose

control and you won’t need to drink very often if you’re feeding off my blood” Eris said before

Darcy could argue.

“It’s embarrassing but I’m scared to do it” Darcy said. Eris scooted closer to her “Close your

eyes” She said. She gave a quizzical look then slowly closed her eyes. Eris bit down on her own lip

then brought her moth to Darcy’s. Her eyes flew open as she tasted the blood but Eris kept her from

pulling away. “Just take my blood” Eris said. Darcy pulled her bottom lip between hers drinking

slowly. Her eyes closed feeling overwhelmed by the situation. Eris held her face and the feeding

slowly turned into a kiss.

   It was tentative and Eris instinctively knew Darcy was new to that kind of affection. The

selfish part of her urged her to push the kiss into something more as thoughts of undressing her

and caressing her lovely body ran through her mind. While the other part of her she rarely listened

to was screaming in her head to take things slowly knowing how inexperienced Darcy surely was. Eris

slowly parted still fighting the strong desire she was feeling. Darcy was gripping her sleeve, her

eyes still closed and lost in the moment they just shared.

   Eris touched her face and she leaned into it, her hand clasping it to her face. {She’s so

innocent…what am I going to do? I’m not the type to hold back when I want something} Eris thought.

Darcy slowly opened her eyes looking at her. Eris took a ragged breath trying to keep herself in

check “We should take care of your place before too many people get involved” Eris said. Darcy

nodded “That’s probably a good idea” She said. They went over to Darcy’s apartment and after making

sure no one had reported anything to the police Eris used her magic to restore her apartment back

to what it had been before.


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